5 Tips for Successful Office Relocation

Now that your business is getting established, you will no doubt be thinking of relocating your office to a larger venue, which is a major logistical event. You could put it off for a while, but eventually you have to relocate and when you find the perfect venue, here are a few tips from professional office movers to ensure a smooth and uneventful conclusion.

  1. Write a To-Go List – Much like the home, when you dismantle an office, you realise how much unwanted stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and by creating a to-go list, you can use two colour stickers; green to go and red to stay. Some items you might simply want to recycle, such as ancient IT hardware and peripherals, while old office furniture could be auctioned off, which helps pay for the move.
  2. Outsource – Save yourself the stress and the hassle by calling in professional office movers in Melbourne and you won’t regret it. Going it alone will drain all of your staff resources and you’ll have to close down operations, at least for a couple of days; the office removalist is geared up for this work and they have the experience to ensure a smooth transition into the new business premises.
  3. It’s All in the Planning – Is the transport lined up? Is it suitable? Do you know what is going and what’s not? What order should you unload and unpack at the new location? This is the perfect time to upgrade IT hardware and change the office furniture and let’s not forget how we leave the old venue and having waste removed (there will be waste). Outsourcing is by far the best way to approach an office relocation, the removalist has the know-how and the resources to carry out the move and with minimal impact on the business.
  4. Preparing the New Office – Send in a team of cleaners a few days prior to the actual move date and make sure the telephone and Internet connections are up and running. Send someone to inspect the premises the day before the move to ensure that everything is in place (carpet and light fittings).
  5. Don’t Get Involved – Before you laugh, you can simply outsource the entire operation to a professional mover and once they have the information they need, they take care of everything. Stress-free is the only way to go and your staff simply show up at the new office and hey presto! You are ready to rock and roll.

Relocating a business is a complex operation; the bigger the company, the more challenging it becomes and with professional office removals, you can look forward to using your brand-new office space.

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