7 Reasons to Choose An Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Alternative

If you are using a traditional dry cleaning service on a regular bases it may be time to make a switch, go green and start using an environmentally-friendly dry cleaning alternative service instead. While it is important to take certain items of clothing and household goods to a professional cleaning company exposing them to harsh chemicals and toxins, like when they go to a traditional dry cleaner, is not necessary. There is now a different healthier choice to make.

Dry Cleaning Alternative Services have made the decision to use eco-friendly products to meet your dry cleaning needs and because of this you no longer have to worry about any toxic ingredients when you get your clothing and other linens professionally cleaned. Dry cleaning alternative services are perfect for you in your move to make choices that benefit the environment. Here are a few great reasons why this decision is the right one.

  1. Non-Toxic and Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Traditional dry cleaning companies use tetrachloroethylene or PERC to clean the things you bring to them. This chemical compound is known to cause health issues from long term exposure and may also be a carcinogen. Dry cleaning alternative services do not use this toxic ingredient and instead use eco-friendly ones that are not made up of harmful components. It is a better option to go with the chemical-free choice both for the environment and your health.

  1. A Better Environmental Choice

Chemicals and toxins are not good for the planet and traditional dry cleaning companies use harsh products and chemical compounds to clean your items. With this there is always a risk of damage to our water systems and the air we breath. If you decide to use a dry cleaning alternative you do not have to think about this as they use non-toxic, natural ingredients that are less harsh than your typical household laundry detergent thereby limiting damages to the environment.

  1. Less Toxic Home Environment

When you bring anything that has come into contact with toxins or chemicals into your home you are exposing yourself and any pets and children to these elements. As traditional dry cleaners use such ingredients it is better to go with an eco-friendly alternative so this does not occur when you bring your professionally cleaned items home. As we as consumers strive to make our homes healthier places to be the less toxins we bring in the cleaner our home will be.

  1. Nice Smelling Clothes

Dry cleaners using chemical ingredients to clean their customers clothing cannot state that your clothing will come back to you with a fresh odour. Instead they smell slightly of the chemical bath they were put in to get them clean. With a dry cleaning alternative company your items will smell great as they are bathed in natural biodegradable ingredients that offer a nice fresh scent. When you wear the clothes the smell reminds you they are toxic-free.

  1. No More Allergens or Irritants

Many people are negatively affected by cleaning products that are full of harsh chemicals and artificial scents. Not only can they cause an allergic reaction in those who wear them they can also irritate and annoy your skin. When you make a choice to use a cleaner alternative this is no longer a concern. When take your clothing to a company using natural, plant-based products you do not have to worry about any adverse reaction from your freshly cleaned items.

  1. Better for Your Health

Consumers are becoming more aware of how detrimental toxic chemicals can be for their health with both short and long term exposure to such components. This is why so many people are switching from traditional cleaning products to biodegradable, non-toxic, chemical-free ones. Dry cleaning alternative companies made the ethical decision to choose greener products so they do not have to expose their clients, staff and themselves to harmful products.

  1. Become a Part of the Green Movement

Perhaps you have already made the decision in your daily life to make more environmentally friendly decisions such as buying local and organic as well as using green cleaning products at home. Beginning to use an eco-friendly dry cleaning alternative company is another step in the right direction as you will be using one less service that depends on harsh and damaging ingredients. Supporting greener businesses helps them prosper and grow giving us more options.

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