Baby Formula – Common Mistakes

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies during the first year of life but sometimes the strong recommendation of bottle-feeding appears. Both the pediatrician and the mother should come up with a decision very responsibly. It is necessary to try to preserve even a small amount of breast milk as long as possible because mixed feeding is a more acceptable nutritional option than exclusively bottle-feeding. In addition, it holds the hope that it may be possible to return to breastfeeding.

The main thing is to prevent some mistakes that can negatively affect the health of the child. Best of all, before starting the feeding formula, you need to consult with a pediatrician. Still, you can become familiar with the most common mistakes using baby formulas. Here is some of them:

Overfeeding a Baby

The most common mistake is overfeeding. You can face numerous problems if your kid is overfed e.g. frequent burping or stools issues.  If a child receives formula milk, then the excess of nutrients leads to metabolic disorders and excess body weight. During feeding, you may notice different cues to indicate how hungry an infant is such as long pauses between sucking.

Replacing formulas

Another common mistake is unreasonable changes of one formula to another. You should not replace your child’s usual food just because the new formula seems to be more useful or modern. Replacing the feeding can become real stress for the baby’s organism and there is no guarantee that the new one will not cause any signs of intolerance. If you are unsure which feeding to select, you can try HiPP baby formula that is designed to the best principles of nutrition science; meals are full of the nutrients needed for your baby’s age.

Using an already prepared formula

It is not recommended to prepare formula in advance (for example, for night feeds) since the formula is an excellent breeding ground for microbes. For the same reason, it is unacceptable to store the remaining after feeding until the next time. Therefore, always prepare a fresh portion for each feeding and do not save the leftovers.

Feeding every time a baby cries

It is not necessary that a tot is hungry every time it cries. This could be the most common reason a baby cries, but there are other reasons to keep in mind. Sometimes the baby stops crying when you just pick it up.

Giving a baby unprocessed milk

The composition of animal milk is so different from breast milk that its use can lead to allergies, metabolic disorders, contribute to the development of obesity, diabetes mellitus, anemia, etc. However, goat milk formula is a great option for your youngster. It provides a kid with natural essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional properties quality nutrition.

Formula preparation

Using the wrong dosage and tap water to prepare the formula is also a common mistake. Make the infant milk strictly according to the instructions on the package. For breeding, it is better to use special water (purified with a good filter or bottled), since tap water has increased mineralization and loads the kidneys, and boiled water is also hard for the kidneys.

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