Great Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Whether you have just brought a new dog home or you want to enrich the relationship you have with your furry friend, bonding is the answer. By bonding with your pup, you can help your dog feel happier and more secure while enjoying a new level of connection with them. Here are some great ways to bond.

Give Them Real Attention 

We live busy and tech orientated lives. So, it’s tempting to simply fuss over your pup while you’re doing other things. However, a dog will always recognise when they are not getting your full attention. That’s why even if you do give them a tickle behind their ears, they might ask for more. Particularly if you’re on your phone or watching TV. Instead, when you give your dog attention, stop what you’re doing and give them a proper fuss. They’ll definitely appreciate it and probably give you a lick of gratitude or a nuzzle.

Stimulated Training 

Training your dog and teaching them new tricks isn’t just about bragging that you have a clever boy. This is another way you can bond. Your dog will be learning from you, responding to your voice and will be getting real quality time with you. There are lots of things you can teach your dog too from collecting the newspaper to opening a door or shaking your hand. Now, while a dog won’t know the relevance of all these things, a lot of breeds are eager to learn and love training. When you are training you’re probably going to be using treats as rewards. That’s great but it is worth looking at healthy treats from sellers like Barking Heads. That way you don’t have to worry about your dog’s cholesterol go through the roof.

Quality Time 

You need to make sure that you are spending quality time with your dog. This can mean playtime, a long walk, or even a swim. It can even just mean sitting down next to them and watching TV. Yes, some dogs are more than happy to watch TV with their owners. The trick is making sure you are spending the right amount of time with your dog. You should aim for at least 30 minutes of focus but really, the message here is the longer the better.


You should always pay attention to what your dog is doing. Dogs have unique personalities. They can be quirky, playful and cheeky. It’s always worth giving them praise when they’re doing something funny or endearing. Dogs like to know that they are appreciated even when they’re just being themselves.

Avoid Alone Time 

Finally, while sometimes you may have to go out, you need to make sure that you leave your dog alone as little as possible. Remember, an hour can seem like you’ve been gone two weeks to your pup. This can make them sad and leave them bored as well as distressed. If you are able to it’s far better to take them with you on little excursions. A dog would always rather be with its owner than left alone.

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