How can parents make a family house more homey?

A homely atmosphere can enhance family life and make the people who share a living space feel more connected to one another. Your home is where each day begins and ends for you, your partner and your children. In between these times, you are making memories that will last a lifetime. This is where you play, eat and relax together, as well as having friends and family around to socialize. So, how can you transform a home to make it appealing to every member of the family? Aside from a layout that includes at least one area where you can all spend time together, adding plenty of cozy, welcoming features will add a comforting degree of personalization.

Family photographs remind everyone they are loved

The newborn stage is very fleeting, and capturing images during these precious first weeks is a skill. If you want to show off detailed, quality portraits of your young baby, you can find a professional Newborn Photography San Diego service to work with you on achieving the perfect pictures. These types of services are available in most cities, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. As children grow older, they will appreciate seeing these photos around the family home. When you add to your collection pictures of special occasions or age milestones, your home gallery will make your children feel loved, valued and cherished.

Embrace soft lighting, plush furnishings and a cozy aesthetic 

People often choose a neutral color palette when making their home more cozy, but brighter tones can also add charm and warmth. Choose plush rugs to create visual appeal, and select one that’s deeply woven to provide a soft feel under the feet. Throws and blankets are ideal for snuggling up together on colder days. Simply drape them over the couch or roll them up and store them in a basket nearby so they are always within reach. Also, consider adding cushions to your seating area so big and little kids can relax in them on family film nights. Although rooms will often need to be well-lit, in quieter times, you can switch on some string lights or use a lamp to transform a dull corner. Child-friendly LED lights are a great way of enjoying the twinkling glow of candles without actually lighting a wick.

Bring nature indoors with houseplants 

As well as adding a pop of vibrant color to your living space, plants can make a house feel more like a home and deliver a range of health benefits. Whether you choose to dot a few small pots on shelves or add a taller, more impactful houseplant, they all add character and help to improve air quality. Some, like jasmine and citrus, will release a light, natural aroma that perfumes the air more delicately than any artificial freshener ever could.

Homeliness is in the details

Ultimately, creating a home that provides a warm, comforting atmosphere is not about keeping everything clean, tidy and picture-perfect. It’s the little touches that show children their parents want them to feel happy and are pleased they are there.

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