How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

Prolonged exposure to the sun, chlorine from swimming pools and saltwater from the ocean can all wreak havoc on your hair, but these things are all part of summer. As much as you want to keep your hair healthy and strong, you should also still be able to enjoy doing all the usual activities associated with summer. Here are a few tips on how to keep your hair protected this season without locking yourself indoors all summer:

Cut Back on Styling

With the weather getting increasingly hot, the last thing you want to do is expose your hair to even more heat by using styling tools like blow dryers and irons too often. This summer, try air drying and flaunting your natural hairstyle more often. If you absolutely must style your hair, consider using hair extensions instead, so you can easily change up your style without damaging your natural hair. True Glory Hair offers a wide range of hair extensions in different styles and lengths, so you can be sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

When buying hair extensions, it’s important to choose those that look, feel and move just like real hair, so they won’t look obviously fake. True Glory Hair’s Extensions are made from the finest Indian and Brazilian virgin hair, so they resemble your natural hair exactly.

Style Responsibly

If you don’t want to wear hair extensions and still prefer to style your hair, be sure to protect your tresses by spraying on or applying a heat protectant product before using a flat or curling iron. Wait until your hair is almost dry before using a heat styling tool, as applying high heat to wet hair can cause the water molecules to expand and damage your hair strands.

Protect Your Hair

When going out in the sun, try to keep your hair covered with a hat or scarf, or spray an SPF product liberally on your scalp and strands. After swimming in a pool or the ocean, revive your hair strands by applying an after sun product to minimize any damage caused.

Condition your hair regularly to prevent split ends and breakage. Conditioner coats your hair strands with a very fine protective film, making them more resilient and less prone to damage.

When the weather is hot, it can be tempting to wash your hair more often, especially with cooling shampoos. But shampooing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. Stick to shampooing only once every other day or every two days, and use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo that is easy on your scalp and strands. If you absolutely must freshen up between washes, use a dry shampoo to absorb excess grease and keep your hair smelling clean and fresh.

Protecting your hair during summer doesn’t mean limiting yourself and avoiding all the outdoor activities you love. You simply need to take better precautions and invest in protective products that can shield your tresses from the heat and elements.

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