How To Set Your Child Up for a Good Day at School

Generally, not every kid is the motivated type. When waking up for school, many of them require more convincing to get out of their beds. Shout-out to all the parents who have to sing “Baby Shark” every morning just to get these kids up and going. It’s an effective way, but it might not always work. If you need a better way to make your mornings more manageable, you’re in luck with this article. Check out these tips to set up your child for a good day at school.

Label school items.

You never know what trick your child might pull on a busy morning. So, it helps to begin preparations early. The night before is a good time to put homework and water bottles where they need to go. Some kids are responsible enough to wake up on time. However, if they don’t know what to do by themselves, they’ll lie in bed until their savior parents come to the rescue.

Using high-quality stickers to detail what your kids can do by themselves leads to a reduced morning workload. With customizable stickers, you can write activities like “brush your teeth” for your kids to help themselves. Using themed stickers can even be a classic cooler approach. While it’s effective, you also get to see Disney’s Mickey Mouse and all those favorite characters you loved as a kid. Label things they might need for particular days so you don’t end up wasting more time finding them. Pressure can also make you a victim of forgetfulness. So, before you sleep, when there’s no morning pressure, get the backpack and ensure everything is in its right compartments.

Prepare a healthy lunchbox.

Children need to have access to healthy meals at all times, yet the reality is not pleasant for about 13 million kids in the U.S.

The only way to be sure your kids are eating healthy is if you’re on top of your meal game. Get a lunch box that has enough room for food storage. Out of the Woods sustainable lunch bags can feature all the different items your child needs to have a great lunchtime at school. A lunch bag with a compartment for your child to put an eco-friendly straw and other containers after first use can also be helpful for environmental impact. This can be a great way to raise your children in sustainability, which has become an increasingly growing lifestyle for many parents.

Start them off with a good breakfast.

Breakfasts can be a great way to set your kids up for a good day. But it doesn’t need to be a picnic that leaves you with several utensils to drain your already scarce morning time. Easy-to-prepare wet foods and liquids can be a quick way to organize your breakfast. Options like cereal and milk, whole-grain bread, and boiled eggs can be convenient to grab in a rush. Vegan breakfast options like salad bars and fruit pancakes can also be an ideal morning starter. Alternatively, you can check out some DIY menu options online that can speedily see you through your breakfast sessions.

Leave them tiny notes.

Give your child a tiny note with a message of hope that can last throughout the day. It can help kids stay focused and less depressed, especially when they meet surprises like a best friend not showing up for school. Some parents can have a routine handshake or hug, which can ramp up the school energy. Opt for an activity you can sustain throughout your kid’s school days. Things will be much easier if the activity becomes a morning culture. Lastly, don’t forget about the need to stay extra healthy and conscious of germs. Slide a hand wash gel or sanitizer into your kid’s bag for frequent handwashing.

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