Kitchen Refurbishment: DIY or Leave it to the Experts?

Investing in refurbish kitchens can greatly increase the value of properties as a whole, especially if the plan is to put them on the market soon; not to mention the great source of pride and joy they can give on a daily basis.
But, how much time and money do you put towards it? Do you go DIY? Or do you splash out more money and leave it to the professionals?

The DIY Route
The current economic climate is pushing many people to turn more to DIY measures to save their pennies. While this seems prudent to think of, it means dedicating much more personal time and energy into the refurbish. Then, of course, there’s also the need to at least have some skills in joinery and plumbing. This depends on how much of the kitchen refurbish will be DIY, however; even the most simple seeming jobs require a certain level of knowledge and skill that only experts with have.
An example is given in DIY Home Improvement (, describing the issues with installing a dishwasher, which has a lot more steps than simply plugging it in. Holes need to be drilled for the water lines, which need to be correctly positioned with the electric lines and installing drainage connections with the sink are only some of the issues to contend with.
Some people opt to do half DIY and half expert for their refurbish kitchens. The experts are hired to deal with the planning and installing of the kitchen, while the owners will source cheaper supplies and will do their own decorating when the experts are finished. There is little skill required in these areas, but again, a certain level of knowledge is required. For example, cheaper materials and supplies may be of poorer quality and have shorter lifespans, resulting them having to be replaced sooner. And, while decorating may seem like a simple matter of painting cabinets, extensive cleaning and degreasing of the surfaces is required first; which often involves special equipment that is not easily accessible.

The Expert Route
A lot of research should be put in to what company is chosen to refurbish a kitchen, but once one is found that is reliable and of high quality, the hard work is mainly over.
Although it can be costly, using experts in ideal for kitchen refurbishments in houses that will soon be on the market. It means, scheduled planning and effective installing of every aspect of the kitchen, by skilled workmen who know what they’re doing; and the whole project can be done with only a minimal few days disruption.
Most companies will often offer deals and/or discounts, depending on what is planned, and will even compete with competitors to win customers, making it even more enticing to choose them.

While going DIY with a kitchen refurbishment may be the best way to reduce costs, the prolonged time, effort and need for basic knowledge and skill can delay the project and cheap material of poor quality can lead to more issues and even damage that will cost much more than a new kitchen.
For houses that are going on the market especially, using expert kitchen fitters, such as The Kitchen Restoration Company ( will ensure the refurbishment will be installed quickly and of good quality; adding far more value to the property, that will vastly exceed the initial cost of the kitchen refurbishment.

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