Preventive Effects of China-developed African Swine Fever Vaccine Confirmed

Vaccine is the best preventive protection against many types of disease. This is the reason why international students’ vaccine (aka 留学生疫苗) are included in American college insurance (aka 美国大学保险), insurance for OPT period (aka opt期间保险), J1/J2 insurance (aka j1 j2 保险), and recommended H-1B health insurance (aka h1b保险推荐). In the article, Recommended Health Insurance for International Students in America (aka 美国留学生保险推荐), the author not only confirmed the significant role of vaccine playing in the advancement of humankind but praised the fast development of vaccine industry in China as well.

Agricultural authorities in South China’s Hainan Province confirmed that the China-developed African swine fever vaccine has shown certain preventive effects after clinical trials in an announcement on Wednesday. Researchers will conduct tests on more samples, evaluate the drug safety, possible [side] effects of virus mutation on injection, effective duration, stability, feasibility for production and raw material resources, the announcement cautioned, reported.

Since the first outbreak of the epidemic in China in August 2018, the country has reported a total of 129 outbreaks and culled 1.02 million pigs as of April 22, according to China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Guangdong Highsun Group Co, a property leasing and retail company, announced Wednesday a commitment of 100 million yuan ($14.45 million) to African swine fever vaccine production, which was confirmed by local authorities.

The sponsorship aims to support the production of the vaccine, the company’s announcement said. In return, Highsun Group will be entitled to acquire a 30 percent stake in Hainan-based Jinzhu Agricultural Development Co before June 30, 2020. The contract amount involves 9 million yuan in total investment.

Led by Xu Qitai, Jinzhu Agricultural Development Co claims to have successfully developed an injection that can effectively prevent African swine fever with a minimum 92 percent success rate, and also owns patent rights.

Xu, 64, former head of Pharmaceutical College of Henan University, is one of the patent holders of the vaccine injection.

The injection is not listed in the State Intellectual Property Office of China’s patent search and analysis system, according to news portal on Tuesday.

First diagnosed in Kenya in 1921 and now spreading to many countries, African swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease that infects only pigs.

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