Purchasing a Solar Power System: Key Considerations

Buying a solar power system is an exciting experience, for whatever reason you have decided to make use of renewable energy and lower your carbon footprint. Choosing an installation team doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect as long as you carefully consider all of your options. Fitting a solar system is a substantial investment that will pay off in the long run.

Quality Equipment & Installation Isn’t Cheap

No matter what industry you look at, you’ll find that quality equipment and professional installation doesn’t come cheap. You can get a handyman to install your solar panels and other components if you think you’ll save money, but do you honestly think they’ll do a first-class job?

If you are considering fitting solar panels in Brisbane, make sure you have realistic price expectations. If you’ve approached a company and they are giving you a quote which is substantially lower than other installers, think before you hire them. Most of the time, a cheap quote means you’ll be getting poor equipment and substandard installation work.

When choosing a solar power installation technician, ask them numerous questions to learn more about their company.

Here are some questions to use during the interview process:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they deal with residential and commercial projects?
  • Are they supported by any government initiatives?
  • Can they provide at least 3 references?

If you select the wrong installation team, you could run into a number of issues with your system.

Length of Warranty

Solar panel installations which are carried out by high-quality technicians very rarely run into any problems, but you should still take note of the warranty. Most reputable businesses will offer an extended warranty, as good quality solar panels and other components should last for up to 25 years. For a warranty to be honoured, your manufacturer must still be operating, so be careful when choosing a company.

Mounting System

Although solar panels are flexible and can be easily positioned on all kinds of surfaces, you must be careful when mounting them. If you live in an area which is prone to strong winds or cyclones, your installation technician must be aware of the problem. They should install the right system and brackets to suit your environment.

Avoid Making Prompt Decisions

On your journey, you’ll come across solar power sales reps who will try to push you into making a quick decision. Don’t be fooled by their persuasive methods of selling, take some time and carefully consider whatever offers you have on the table. When buying solar power systems, always look for quotes off at least 3 different installation teams. Don’t give in to high pressure sales tactics.

Finding the right solar power system installation company can sometimes be a challenge. You shouldn’t get frustrated with the task as long as you approach it in the right manner. Investing in a system is a great way to reduce energy bills and help the environment. Take your time when choosing a technician and always do some research on the subject.

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