Spa Weekend Decoded: Don’t Miss These Experiences!

If you are looking for a small escape away from your scheduled life, all you probably need is a good spa. Spas & wellness centers offer more than just different massages, and there is much more to explore. Planning a spa weekend can be confusing, which is why we have enlisted the list of treatments, services that you need to try. You can also check for some well-priced wellness packages.

Body scrub treatments

Most of us don’t pay as much attention to skin exfoliation as we should. Instead of simply using the body wash, considering going to the spa for a body scrub. The session involves using a salt or sugar-based scrub, and the therapist will scrub your entire body softly with the product, which mostly contains some amount of essential oils. After this, you will be asked to shower, and this can be followed up with a massage or wrap.

Body wrap

Body wrap is a unique experience and not many people have tried it. It involves using an exfoliator to open up the pores and clean the skin, following which a wrap is applied all over using gentle strokes similar like a massage. Your body will be wrapped in a towel or sheet for like 20 to 30 minutes, and you can relax for that period. The final step is a shower. The exfoliation/scrubbing is nothing like a body scrub but is gentler and done for a short period.

Different massages

There are different kinds of massages, but the Swedish massage is ideal for anyone and for any reason. You can also consider something like a deep tissue massage, or something as simple like an aromatherapy massage. For those who are looking for more unique, a hot stone massage is just the right pick.

Thermal experience

Only a few selected spas offer the thermal experience, but the idea is rather simple about exposing the body to hot and cold temperatures alternatively. So, you will have a dip in a hot bath or a sauna session for 20 minutes, and immediately follow it up with a dip in ice-cold water or a cold shower. Thermal spa is known to have many benefits and can be coupled with a Swedish massage for the best experience. Note that the process of alternating cycles is done for at least three to four times, so the session can take about four hours.

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