Stylish and Elegant Accessories to Brighten Up your Home

While you might be happy with the way your interior looks, there are always little additions we can make that do add something to the décor. The digital age has given us online shopping, so rather than spending the day trawling the shopping malls, you can search for all kinds of things online, and when you find something you like, a secure online payment sees the item despatched to your home address. Here are some great home accessories to give you some inspiration when looking to make your home a little nicer.

  1. Lighting – By adding some elegant LED lighting, you can really transform the ambience in any room, and with a glass hurricane lantern, you can add a touch of warmth by using candlelight. Lighting comes in such variety, it might be an idea to Google image interior lighting, which will give you literally hundreds of lighting ideas. Exterior lighting can make good use of LED strips, which can be draped on trees and shrubs, plus you can buy a few solar powered stick-in-the-ground lights, which will add a new dimension to your garden.
  2. Storage Baskets – If your home is a little cluttered, why not invest in some weaved baskets? They look great in any environment, plus you can hide away many items that are rarely used. Raffia or rattan are very attractive and there’s a range of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find something suitable.
  3. Design and Build a Bar – We all dream of having a well-stocked bar in our living room, and if you have the space, why not? All you need is a corner of the room, and by discussing your needs with a local joiner, he can build the ideal bar, and with the right barstools and all the accessories, every night will be party night.
  4. Artificial Flowers –The standard of artificial flowers today is on a par with the real thing, and a few bouquets around the house with elegant vases will really add some colour and depth to the interior. You can also add some greenery using Pampas dried grasses and other exotic plants, either artificial or real.
  5. Glass Balustrades – Changing your staircase balustrade to a seamless glass made to measure solution will really transform the interior, and an expert glazier would have no problem making the panels to precise measurements.
  6. Wall Art – If you have a few large expanses of wall, search online for some inspiring wall art. It might be a landscape, or a modern city at night, or perhaps something abstract, but whatever design you choose, wall art breaks up bare wall and adds some colour and texture.
  7. Fine Antiques – A few carefully chosen antiques will be sure to add some character, and it is all the rage to mix old and new furniture these days. Perhaps a couple of Victorian wall lights, or a military style desk in the study, and you could spend the afternoon walking around antique and second hand shops to see what they have.

The above are just a few ideas on how to brighten up the home, and with a little creativity and a small budget, you can transform your home with some stunning accessories.

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