Wall Panels For Indian Homes

You will find wall panels in many modern homes. They have become immensely popular in the last few years. People love using them in their home interiors because they add more visual interest and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your wall decor. If your room appears boring, you can use these designer walls for home to create the focal point and design all the other elements around it. Given the number of options available in terms of colours, materials, designs, shapes, and sizes, you can easily create a design that will complement the theme of your home. The wall panels are made of waterproof fibreboard and have a layer of paper, laminate, or fabric depending on your preferences. If you are not sure about installing wall panels in your home interior design, here are a few advantages of wall panels that should convince you:

01 of 05 Installation is very easy

When considering any item for decoration, you must take into consideration the installation process. Items that are difficult to install should be avoided. This is because not only do you require more time and skilled labour but also have to pay more for the process. As a result, your overall expenditure will increase. Compared to other items like wallpapers or even paint, installing wall panels is very easy. It is not a time-consuming process and can be installed easily on the wall without any additional surface preparation. The most commonly used materials for this purpose are MDF and HMR board panels. They are very light and can be handled easily. A skilled person can complete the entire installation process in just a few hours. There is no additional waiting time after installation.

02 of 05 Helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal

If you feel that the walls of your home interiors are boring, you can opt for wall panels. These are decorative panels that instantly transform your boring walls into beautiful accent walls. By opting for wall panels, you can transform your wall decor and the look of your entire room. Further, you can easily find them in lots of colours, designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes. However, if that is not enough, you can use natural materials like wood and stone and take your home interior design to a whole new level. Depending on the look of your home interiors and your choice, you can either opt for wall panelling on only a portion of a wall or the entire wall. Many intricate and meticulous designs can be featured on them as well if you want a luxurious and posh appeal.

03 of 05 Can be used for covering uneven wall surfaces

In many Indian homes, you will notice uneven wall surfaces. Although in most cases it is not noticeable from a little far, you can clearly see it from a close distance, especially under light. These generally occur when the labour making the wall is not very skillful and poorly finishes the task. The uneven surface can diminish the appeal of the overall wall decor. The best way to conceal these uneven surfaces is by using wall panels. These are the ideal option for this purpose because they seamlessly cover the wall and enhance the beauty of the room as well. Other designer walls for home options like paint and wallpapers are not very effective in concealing uneven surfaces. Besides using these for hiding uneven surfaces, you can use them for hiding flaking walls and peeling paints. However, do not use this trick for hiding damp walls. Damp walls require immediate attention. Otherwise, it will lead to an infestation of mould and fungi.

04 of 05 Requires very little maintenance

Whenever you are opting for some item for your home interiors, you must always think about maintenance. All items require maintenance from time to time to stay in good condition. However, while some items require very little maintenance, others require high maintenance. If you do not have sufficient time to look after things, you should avoid high-maintenance items. Otherwise, they might get damaged or spoiled. When compared to other alternatives like paint and wallpapers, wall panels require very little maintenance. You can easily clean them when required. Just use any piece of cloth and dust the wall panel with it. Or, you can use a vacuum cleaner to keep the wall panels clean. Depending on the material you choose, stains and splatters may or may not be easy to clean.

05 of 05 Very effective in hiding cables

When there are wires visible everywhere in your house, it appears quite unappealing. This problem generally exists near the entertainment zone. To prevent the wires from staying visible, you can install wall panels. The wall panels will keep all the wires concealed and maintain a seamless and elegant look.

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