What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

Many people think that a family lawyer only focuses on disputes such as divorce or child custody, but in reality family lawyers cover a wide array of legal issues. We are going to focus on this today in order to help raise awareness, so that people who are struggling with certain issues know that they can consult the services of a family lawyer. When it comes to family lawyers, Melbourne has some of the best in the country and these are just some examples of the cases and the disputes which they can support with.


Whilst adoption agencies are able to take care of the lion’s share of this process, it always makes sense to use your own lawyer who will be able to ensure that everything is above board. Should you find yourself in this situation then it is a family lawyer who you will need to consult. Lawyers will take a look at the agreements and the legal documentation regarding the adoption, making sure that there are no holes and no areas of confusion.

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence and abuse often find it hard to come forward and tell the truth about their partner. When victims are able to do this however, they can depend on the support from a family lawyer to help them out. Lawyers in this regard can perform tasks such as getting restraining orders, setting up court cases for criminal hearings and even assist in getting their client to safety.

Death in the Family

As much as nobody wishes to consider it at the time, there are many legal issues which rear their head following the death of a family member. In most cases this surrounds the estate of the deceased and how their assets will be divided. Even if there is a will in place, it helps to use a family lawyer to ensure that all legal matters are resolved quickly and efficiently. In most cases a lawyer will simply offer help and advice around how to close the estate of the deceased, and they can really help families out during what is a very difficult time.

Insurance Claims

Another aspect of family law which people depend on is insurance claims, following the death of a loved one. If a life insurance policy was in place then it can provide relief to a grieving widow or family member. Unfortunately there are often some complications obtaining the payout from the insurance, which is where a family lawyer can really help.

Divorce and Child Custody

And finally we have the most common case type for a family lawyer, which is dealing with divorce and child custody. Having a lawyer on hand will ensure that you get both legal and emotional support during a tough time. It is always recommended that you use the services of a family lawyer as early as possible in proceedings, so that you have the best chance of a good outcome, and of gaining custody of your children.

These are some of the most common cases which family lawyers take on.

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